SalonLife Ep. 1

This is SalonLife! Welcome to SalonLife, This week Alison Jameson joins us to take us through her journey and talk us through her business; AJC93. Alison has decades of experience & was kind enough to offer us some insights. So listen in, take note and Enjoy!

SalonLife Ep. 2

This is SalonLife! This week Naomi chats to Alice Jameson, Marketing director of iSalon. Alice has created a new division of iSalon called iCreate, which is devoted to helping Salon owners with their Marketing. Alice offers insights into why, when & how iCreate came to be & also offers some hot tips for Salons just starting their marketing venture! So listen in, take note & enjoy!

SalonLife Ep. 3

This is SalonLife! This Week @Missalidrew who you may recognize from Ex on the beach Season 3, joins Naomi to take us through her journey & how she has gotten to where she is today. Ali has over 100k Instagram followers & discusses how,why & when she began to blow up. So listen in, take note & enjoy!

SalonLife Ep. 4

This is SalonLife! This week @Mrphiljackson shares his story & how adopting his first child motivated him to create Build your Salon after he had to give up being in the Salon all week. Phil is an award winner, author & Salon owner. So listen in, take note & enjoy!

SalonLife Ep. 5: Is Hairdressing the best job in the world?

This is SalonLife! This week the fantastic Jo Robertson, Who will also be one of our guests at Salon Summit in Birmingham in June. Jo has been on quite the journey since a young age and goes through the ups and downs of the hair industry. Jo is refreshingly honest in her approach to coaching and offers great entertainment & insights! So listen in, take note & enjoy!

SalonLife Ep. 6: Customer service & Business evolution

This is SalonLife! Simon Hill of Seshhairdressing is this weeks guest. He talks about how he originally got into hairdressing and how he was lucky to land on his feet at such a young age. He discusses the importance of customer service, Business evolution & the joys of his working life. So listen in, take note & enjoy!

SalonLife #7: What's it like to be a Celebrity stylist?

This is SalonLife! Jay Birmingham, one of our brilliant speakers at Salon Summit 2019 was good enough to sit down & chat with us about his journey. Jay went from working in a bank straight out of school to pursuing his passion when his friend opened her own Salon. Since then Jay has been a complete success, but his hard work & passion is what got him where he is. Jay now works with many celebrities, is CEO of Jay Birmingham hair & is a master of Instagram - Racking up a combined following of over 50k.

SalonLife #8: Re-inventing your Career with Keith Harris

Keith Harris, one of our many fantastic guest's at this year's Salon Summit sat down with us to talk & produced an incredible episode. We dive into Keith's tragic illness & how he bounced back & got to where he is now. Keith also tries his best to answer the unanswerable question's put to him. His story is truly inspirational and worth all your time. So sit back & enjoy!

SalonLife #9: Education is the key

Zoe Irwin - Guest number 3 of 5 at our Salon Summit sat down to talk to us about her very busy lifestyle & why she has the dream job! Zoe offers a wealth of insights & explains how investing in yourself through education can get you to the very top of the game. Sit back & enjoy!

SalonLife #10: An Experience & good hair wins.

Bruce Masefield Started his career at just 16 years of age straight from school on the feeling he would be good at what he does. Here he is decades later a master of his trade, with a global reputation. Bruce talks to us about his journey & how offering an experience in the salon will ultimatley help, but it all comes down to good hair!

SalonLife #11: Jack Howard - The Balayage King!

Jack Howard, the king of Balayage and Marie Claire’s Colourist of the Year 2018 is widely credited with bringing Balayage to the UK. A renowned educator who has used the power of video and social media to educate and inspire others to pick up their tint brush and try something new.

SalonLife #12: Denise McAdam (Part 1) - What is it like to have a royal warrant?

Denise McAdam is our latest guest, Denise is a Scottish celebrity hairdresser based in London. Denise cuts the hair of many members of the royal family. Since the mid-1970s she has worked for other public figures, including Bo Derek, Britt Ekland, Ronan Keating, Grace Kelly, Sade, Frank Sinatra, JLS and The Saturdays. Denise also discusses how she has been influencing people for the past 40 years but in today's world she doesn't have the "numbers" to be one.